I MUST HAVE IT: Original NES Zelda Prototype For Sale

July 30, 2012


This is a prototype cartridge of the original Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda. It's for sale on eBay. For $150,000. That's too much for me. Which is why I'm asking you to all band together and buy it for my birthday WHICH IS A WEEK FROM SUNDAY. "Are you having a party?" Ha, am I having a party! F*** no, I'm drinking alone in the dark like I do every year.

This is THE single most impressive item in video game collecting in my humble opinion. I do not take listing this item lightly as it truly is a piece of gaming history. What you are looking at is a Prototype for Nintendo's Flagship title The Legend of Zelda.

This is a complete version to my knowledge and as far as I know does not differ from the released version. The simple label reads "HP NOA 2-23-87 Legend of Zelda." The actual release of the game was August 22nd 1987. I can only speculate that the 2-23-87 refers to the date they completed this prototype and being so close to launch is why there are no differences from the released version. Again I'm speculating. If you google NES Zelda Proto you will see the history of this particular cart. I will be happy to add pics, answer questions (to the best of my ability) and field offers for this title. If you look through my 100% positive eBay history you will see I am a regular purchaser and seller of video games. This is without a doubt the pinnacle of my collection and I challenge anyone to come up with anything more important in the video game collecting scene.

You know what? I don't even want it anymore. I'm tired of owning "things". Unless I can take them into the afterlife with me like the ancient Egyptians did, I don't want them. I think I'm gonna have a yard sale and get rid of everything and donate the proceeds to charity. Very noble of me, I know. "You're going to prison, aren't you?" Yes :( You think I can get plastic surgery to look even uglier so the other guys won't want my butt so bad?

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Ryan H, who offered to go halvsies with me but I'm still $74,600 short on my half.

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