'I Found A Grenade In The Woods': Amazing 4chan Thread

July 2, 2012


Note: I cut the thread to prevent the homepage from being a mile long, click the jump to see the whole, worthwhile thing.

This is a /b/ thread from 4chan documenting a user's discovery of a grenade in the forest. It's amazing. I love how nobody gives a shit what happens to the dude. Everyone's all, "Pull the pin" and "Smack it with a hammer!" Admittedly, if real, dude's got balls so big I can't believe the earth doesn't orbit HIM. Or he's just the world's stupidest person. *rereads thread* THE MAN WAS A GENIUS.

Hit the jump for the whole thing.


Thanks to Kendall, who informed me the dude eventually returned to the thread to say he couldn't get the thing to detonate and he'd send it to the first person to give him a valid mailing address. Wait, WHAT?! Now might be a good time to smoke a lot of weed and fail your mail-carrier drug test, I'm just saying.

  • lorobird

    So much fake and stupidity, my eyes bleed

  • artilleryboy

    Blows up in the mail

  • Lee

    TNT Becomes unstable over time. Judging by the rust on that sucker if the detonator did have such a compound it could have just blown up when he threw it back on his table after all those failed 'attempts'.

    Alternatively.. trolling sounds more plausible

  • Greg Martinjak

    Does no one remember the time when an anon put a live grenade in the toilet and it blew out his whole bathroom killing himself?

  • Guest

    These are good instructions on how to make the grim reaper angry. :D

  • At this point, it's safe to say that the striker mechanism has rusted solid in there. So the thing is relatively inert, and about as safe as I'd ever trust a live grenade to be. I'm not sure if the fact that it didn't go off in the fire suggests that detonator is dead as well. That'd be entirely possible. These things do tend to expire after a while. Sometimes explosively, some times quietly. TNT I'd expect to still be intact inside, but without a detonator it's not going to do anything dangerous.

  • Bubbubsky

    This cannot be real. That's gotta be a fake/decomissioned grenade.

  • Ed

    This guy is crazy; I'm inviting him to my next party!

    BTW from the way he writes the date I think he's European so that might be a WWII grenade. People still find unexploded bombs in France and Germany once in a while.

  • julian ritter

    we find a lot of stuff in our woods. not 20 miles from my home is an old WWII-battlefield, where you can still bury out guns, helmets, ammunition, dead soldiers..

    Okay its actually illegal, but fun [except from the dead soldiers, they are not really fun].

  • Ed

    You leave my grampa alone!

  • LOL mfw Geekologie gets scared of /b/

  • Dinosaur Rex

    Ha, a 4ailtard that thinks /b/ is something.

  • Surely a troll. A very good one at that.

  • GigiAUT

    Must be. Otherwise that is one ballsy bastard. When I saw the pic of the pin pulled out I was like WTF!?....then I read on and saw what followed...Now I'm at a loss for words :S

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