I Could Watch This All Day (And Probably Will): LIVE Brown Bears Catching Salmon Cam From Alaska

July 27, 2012


This is the link to Explore.org's LIVE 'Brown Bear & Salmon Cam' from Brook Falls in Alaska. I've been watching for almost fifteen minutes now and I've already seen two successful fishing attempts. Plus a bird try to steal a fish from a bear. I thought the bear was gonna eat the bird too! "Please, we're civilized," the bear turned to the camera and said to me. "Jesus -- what the hell are you on, GW?" I dunno, but I'm liking it!

Note: My buddy Terry said he was having trouble loading the feed in Chrome, so I dunno, that might be an issue. Or he could just be a spaz. I'm kidding, he's definitely a spaz, but Chrome might be an issue as well.

Hit the jump for a couple more screencaps I took of the action.



Thanks to Ripley, who's been watching all day and claims he saw one of the bears take off its mask and reveal its human identity. DUM DUM DUM!

  • RDarker

    Come to Alaska you can see them up close.

  • Yep, loaded in chrome with Zero problem.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Works fine in Chrome.

  • The_Happy_Jackass

    I think your popularity has crashed the server.

  • Lee

    The bears look sorta cute in a "I could kill you in 1 swipe" sorta way.
    And the water... The water is mesmerizing... just flowing.... holy crap how long have I been here?!
    -- *keeps watching*

  • rikster81


  • Martin Starfighter

    My girlfriend needs to see this.

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