How About A Faceful Of Ass?: Darth Vader Patio Chair

July 16, 2012


Remember GotWood Workshop's custom stormtrooper head chair? Well they're back with a Vader one. And let me tell you, this guy is gonna be heavy-breathing right down your buttcrack. NOT-SO-FUN FACT: there are people in the world who are into that. Like, that is their THING. I've read their ads on Craigslist before. They are all, "WANTED: casual encounter with butt-breather. Just some heavy breathing right down the crack, NOTHING KINKY. I will provide sparkling cider and some light snacks." LOLOL, who still drinks sparkling cider?

Thanks to Steven, the man behind the chair. Well, not literally. He's not a ninja disguised as a green tarp, he just built the thing.

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