Headshot!: Shot Stormtrooper Mask Reveals Skull Inside

July 10, 2012


This is a shot by photographer Rizwan Baig from the recent London Film and Comic Con featuring a Stormtrooper who's had his mask laser-blasted and part of his skull exposed. Pretty brutal. Also, maybe it's just me, but doesn't the skull seem a little small for the mask? Now I'm not accusing the Galactic Empire of using children on stilts for Stormtroopers, but search your feelings -- you know it to be true. Here's the plan: you start drafting a nasty letter to the Emperor, I'll head to Mos Eisley and get drunk then pass out.

Thanks to khz, whose only headshots he's ever gotten were at Sears Portrait Studio.

  • It is cool, but there's something "Army of Darkness" about it.

  • Rurt Beynolds

    I own two stormtrooperhelmets and yup, that skull is way to small

  • Warloghe

    The eyes in the wrong place :S

  • Have you had an accident at work? Injury Lawyers 4U.

  • Too much blood. Too little charred.

  • Lookaze

    the eyeball would have melted / exploded as well i guess...

  • Guest

    The helmet material would curve in a bit too. XD

  • Dudemeister21

    That is super awesome. Although I can't help but think it'd look better without the blood on the outside. Doesn't really make sense. Should just be the singed helmet from the laser, right?

    Unless an Ewok was in front of him and it's the Ewok's blood that has splattered onto the helmet, before the laser carried on, having gone through the Ewok's head, and into the Stormtrooper's. THAT would be awesome.

    Fuck the Ewoks.

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