Guy Hulk-Smashes His Way Through British T-Mobile Store, Destroys Everything, Hoses With Fire Extinguisher

July 2, 2012


This is a video of some lunatic smashing his way through a T-Mobile store in England, tearing all the posters off the wall, then giving it a good hose-down with the fire extinguisher (presumably because he was seeing so much red he though the store was ablaze). No clue what started the rampage, but my guess is a friend texted him a picture of his wiener, then dude got all upset because he doesn't have unlimited texting and doesn't want to pay for a friend's dic-pick. So he went in to dispute the charges but the worker refused because it wasn't really that bad of a peen. Hey -- we all been there, bro. It's okay for your friends to have decent wieners.

Hit the jump for the ragefest.

Thanks to Lincoln, who took the time to tell me he wasn't named after the president. Ha -- Eisenhower tried to tell me the same thing last week.

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