Good Lord: Unbelievably Impressive Game Of Thrones Cities/Castles/Locations Recreated In Minecraft

July 11, 2012


If you haven't already seen them, this is a series of ridiculously impressive Westeros locations faithfully recreated in Minecraft. I know, they've already been out for like a week now, but what can I say, I like being late to the party. Think of me as like, the fashionable late belle of the ball. "You reek of booze." Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize there were going to be any PENCIL-PEENED CHAPERONES PRESENT. *spikes punchbowl, drinks straight from ladle* This party's tapped anyways, who wants to go to IHOP? "You gonna puke in the parking lot again?" Depends, you gonna challenge me to drink a whole bottle of syrup again? "Nope." That was a joke, I always puke regardless.

Hit the jump for like, twelve or sixteen more (I lost count) of the impressive.
















Thanks to mike, Blueminded and ginshapy, who considered recreating the entire United States in Minecraft before realizing it would just be easier to go drive and visit that shit IRL.

  • arnaga

    como download ?

  • I have watched the first two seasons and I only recognize like 4 of the cities? Are the rest from the books or have I just not been paying attention haha

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  • Blightness

    Get a life you fcking nerds!

  • BeastmanAIDS

    You must be lost. Here, let me help; see the word "Geekologie" in the URL? That's your cue to move on.

  • Blightness


  • We will be releasing the builds as downloads over time. Our first pack is going to be King's Landing, Winterfell, Torrhen's Square and as a special bonus we're releasing Harrenhal with the Harrenhal time lapse video that will be released July 16 on our Machinima channel (

  • Xaghce

    ive been reading and rereading the saga since 2002... and this is 100% sad. i can't imagine having nothing better to do.

  • Carlos V. Quevedo

    What's sad are people like you who need to hate on other people's hobbies and interests just to boost your own pathetic ego.

  • Ed

    I wonder if it got him laid.

  • Well theres been like 250 builders from like 25 countries so far. so im gonna guess one of us has used it to.

  • Drignor

    I may not have been in Minecraft for a while, but was there some kind of update that can produce lighting and shadows like that in game??? I smell fakery.

  • Rai

    It's the GLSL shaders mod, all it does it add shadow and lighting effects.

  • We render it in a program called Blender. These photos are going to be turned into artistic prints and wallpapers for your computer.

  • n_a_a_s


  • now only if he utilized his talent and time and created those models in 3ds max or maya..

  • flatspotting

    Most likely did - and used software to import the maps to minecraft just like every other large-scale Minecraft build

  • Everything is built by hand (as it were). The crew that owns the server stated that they usually have a moderator and around 15 builders working on it at any given time. Builders are selected using a review process (to weed out any griefers).

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