Girl Performs Impressions Of All 151 Original Pokemon

July 13, 2012


Maybe you've already seen this before because you are like, UP TO DATE on Pokemon fan videos (congratulations?), but this is a video of a girl doing impressions of all 151 original Pokemon. It...was something to watch. I give her an A for effort because she definitely gives it her all, it was just a little embarrassing to watch. I feel like I already know too much about this girl and we've barely even met. Like, let's say you're out on a first date, and, right in the middle of appetizers, your date busts ass. It's only the first date and you already know what their intestines smell like. SAVE IT FOR THE THIRD DATE NEXT TIME. People like intrigue.

Hit the jump for more squeaking and groaning than I could watch all seven minutes of (and I tried).

Thanks to Nick, who plans on doing impressions of all the new Pokemon, but with a grocery bag over his head.

  • A couple of them where pretty good (the ones with "cute" voices), but I never knew so many Pokeman did deathmetal growls.

  • JJtoob

    Can't believe I watched the whole thing, I was about not to. Guess I was hoping she'd take her shirt off at the end to redeem herself after that performance. Not that it was bad, but it was pretty long, at least her pikachu was really good.

  • Francis

    She can dig on my digglet anytime.

  • Guest

    That's so insanely cute! What awesome talent!

  • BobbyRooney

    wow, this has got to be the easiest way to get rid of any guys around her for years to come.

  • JJtoob

    Haha, or shift her crowd, I'm sure some will flee while others will flock.

  • Omg, it's that chick from Dexter :P

  • Guess who's emulating Pokemon tonight.
    And that's not an innuendo.

  • you cant hate...

    her pikachu's on point.

  • Haha, that was actually entertaining and more accurate than I expected.

  • Singlecell

    Needs more boob.

  • PUFF!!!

  • Joseph Fioramonti

    i hate this girl

  • Ross Huddleston

    She would be an okay death metal vocalist...

  • hey she has some talent if you watch her other vids shes actually really good at impressions. i was entertained lol

  • This girl embodies everything that's wrong with our generation T^T

  • Haters to the left. I was giggling uncontrollably while this played in the background, and I'm a 27 year old man.

  • CptnKookles

    If this wasnt a girl no one would give a shit.

  • This is about more than I can handle watching.
    And ive seen some weird shit on the internet

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