Game Of Thrones Houses As Sports Team Logos

July 5, 2012


This is a series of some of the Game of Thrones houses imagined as sports team logos by artist Yvan Degtyariov (which are available as prints and t-shirts). LET'S GO LANNISTERS, AMIRITE? I'm joking, I'm totally a Targaryan kind of man. Joking again, I'm barely a man at all, I'm more of a child in an adult's body. Tehehe, what's this thing?! "That's your penis." I made you say it -- I made you say the word! "Now put it away." Say boobs and I will!

Hit the jump for a bunch more.









Thanks to Judith, who took the time to tell me she roots for the Redskins. AHAHAHAHAHA -- the f***ing Redskins! Same. :/

  • Different logos are useful to identify team differently. Jersey have become associated with well-known users in the world of top level athletes.

  • Christopher Rodriguez

    this would be great to go along with the fsl podcast that pits fantasy teams against each other as a nod to sports radio. check it out:

  • Spartikiss

    Finally!!! I chance for us nerds to wear a jersey shirt :)

  • rikster81

    dammit i really need to watch this show

  • MaximumTWANG

    you really do, whoever you are

  • Tony

    These logos would be awesome t-shirts !! Where's my wallet....

  • Bubbubsky

    Those are pretty great. Except it's "The Eyrie," not "Eyrie."

  • Badass!! x

  • Spartikiss


  • Robert Van Dyke

    Starks of Winterfell hell yah

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