Future Back Problems: The Insane Amount Of Tech Gear Steve Wozniak Carries Around In His Backpack

July 18, 2012


Note: Larger version HERE where you can read all the green doohickies. What are those called? "Words." I don't like them! Also, somebody call Hoarders/My Strange Addiction.

These are the contents of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's backpack. Except this isn't even all of it, this is just his "charging station." He carries everything in the photo with him at all times while traveling, and estimates his backpack weighs around 50-lbs. Impressive, Steve, but you ever smuggled a smartphone to a buddy in prison before in your butthole? Because I have. AND a pack of Twizzlers (I'm a good friend). While there's still no definitive answer whether Wi-Fi and cell phone signals cause bodily harm, Steve Wozniak should be able to tell us in a couple years. *eying photo* Maybe by the end of the year.

Thanks to Duncan, who carries his own cell phone tower in his backpack because coverage sucks in his area.

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