For The Ladies: Human Skull Shaped Leather Handbag

July 20, 2012


You might wanna get that hand looked at brobro.

This is a custom skull-shaped purse made by Etsy seller Griffin Leather. It's the perfect size for toting around your favorite skull of a slain enemy. Also makes a great accessory for witches! Seriously ladies, enough with the black robes -- you need to add some color and ACCESSORIZE. Take this little number I'm wearing. "A tanktop that shows your bra if you lift your arms and a slap-bracelet?" AND? "Jean skort?" It's like a skirt but you can't see my penises if I bend over. "Penises like, plural?" *wink* I know a little magic myself!

Hit the jump for shots of the thing from all angles.





Thanks to lisa, who carries a Chanel handbag because nobody ever suspects witch supplies in a name-brand tote. *tapping head* Veeeeery clever.

  • i have yet to find the sale cost of this item!!!!! i see the shipping information, but i love this!!!

  • kevin dijkshoorn

    For the ladies: thats why a men is holding the bag :/

  • That's pathetic. Mine is made from a real skull.

  • Achievement unlocked.

  • Matthew Anderson

    My question: "WHAT is on his hand?!"...

  • Guest

    You're know you're in trouble if your lady boss has one. XD


    link says its not a purse, its 'art'... plus its already sold

  • Lee

    Dam sold already? Witches are crafty.

  • Because nothing says "I love you" better than a leather skull

  • I'd like to see someone trying to go through airport security with that

  • People who wear those bags don't go to the airport.

    They fly on brooms ;)

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