For Sale: 'Black Knight' Hummer H2 With Over 20 Machine Guns/Grenade Launchers Attached

July 2, 2012


This is the heavily modified 'Black Knight' Hummer H2. It has a shit-ton of weapons attached to it like guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers and SWORDS. Aaaaaaaand now it's for sale on eBay for the low, low price of $55,000. Did I mention it has Lambo doors? Because it does. Plus 86,000-miles and zero remaining factory warranty. Let's drive it into the ocean and blow up a shark!

Black Knight is Ready for Action and Armed to the Teeth!!

7- MA Deuce 50 Caliber Machine Guns with Tripods
2- 30 Caliber M1919 Machine Guns
10- Mini-Guns with Rotating Action
4- RPG's Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers
20mm Real Shells on Front Brush Guard and on Back Spare Tire
50 Caliber on Top Shoots Simulated Fire with Loud Report and Works with Propane/ Oxygen Tanks Stored in Ammo Cases on Roof. Nitrous Oxide Purge System with Nozzles on Hood and Front 50 Caliber Machine Guns.
Laser Lights on Guns and Roof Rack
2- Final Fantasy Swords 56" Long Mounted on Roof Rack
Additional Swords Mounted on Back and Front
Dragons, Skulls, Hid Lights, Headers, Dual exhaust, Optima and 2- Marine Batteries, Chrome Hand Grenade Shifter
2000 Watt Amp, 12" Sub Woofers, 15 Multicolor Interior Lasers
2 Fire Extinguishers
Back Seat has 2- M1919 Machine Guns, 1- Mini-Gun, Pineapple Grenades, 50 Caliber Bullets and 40mm Shells for Grenade Launchers.
Everything is Controlled with Wireless Remote

There are a bunch more pics and some videos showing off all the features after the jump which, come on, you and I don't need to watch to know this is the vehicle for us. It's not like zombies are smart enough to tell a real gun from a fake one. We just drive around setting off the flame-throwers and sound effects and BOOM -- apocalypse survived. Plus we never had to kill any zombified relatives! Now -- what's your Paypal login?

Hit the jump for our new ride (the last video is my favorite).








Thanks to whoever sent me this over the weekend. I couldn't find your tip again because I just saved the eBay auction to my desktop. But if you remind me I'll erase all this and say something like 'XXXXXXXX is the coolest, plus very handsome/pretty!'

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