*Flips Board* YOU'LL NEVER TAKE AZEROTH!: World Of Warcraft Edition Monopoly Now Available For Sale

July 3, 2012


Nobody's gonna stop playing WoW to play WoW Monopoly, I'm just saying.

I posted the announcement of a World of Warcraft edition Monopoly game back in February, but you know what? I forgot about that until my intern just reminded me so I had to add these sentences up here so I don't seem like a total forgetful sped. I'm joking, I don't have an intern. I don't even have a desk. I'm writing from the end of the couch with my laptop resting on the Rock Band drum set and if you think I'm joking CLICK RIGHT HERE. Shit just got real, didn't it? "More sad than real." Hey -- it's not so bad. *typing with drumsticks*

Hit the jump for a bunch of detail shots of the board, cards and game-pieces.





Thanks to Bodhi, who plays Monopoly the old fashioned way: with a couple $500's hidden in his pocket at the start of the game.

  • I'm pretty sure you're in my living room. That's my floor, my drums AND my ASUS....

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Very fitting themed board game... it sometimes feels like it takes a wasted lifetime to play a single game of Monopoly.

  • john

    And about 5 years too late.

  • Ed

    Give yourself more props GW. My home office is mom's kitchen table and my intern is her cat.

  • Wrench50
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