Fireworks, FIREWORKS!: Happy Fourth Of July

July 4, 2012


I dunno, I kind of like the fireworks "you should never turn your back on." Happy Fourth of July everyone. Not to brag about how patriotic I am or anything, but I went out and celebrated the 3rd of July as well. Today I'm going to a pool party to work on my tan (I'm whitish-blue), then grilling fireworks and watching hotdogs all night. Can you tell I've already started drinking? Well you're wrong, I never stopped. See you all tomorrow. Well, except for those of you who were smart enough to take Thursday and Friday off and turn this thing into a 5-day weekend. I'm so jealous right now. Happy Independence Day! *uses mirror to bodypaint a big 'UZA' on chest* Freedom -- FREEDOM! *chugs beer, walks into screen door*

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