Finally, A Decent 3-D Printed Model Of Your Baby Fetus

July 31, 2012


Japanese medical 3-D printing firm Fasotec has teamed up with Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic to offer 3-D printed versions of patients' baby fetuses based on an MRI scan. And all for the low, low price of $1,200. Will insurance cover that? No. Will girls post pictures of 3-D fetuses on Facebook? Yes. Will I delete those friends? Yes. Anybody talking religion or politics too? Yes. Oh I'm sorry, you thought FACEBOOK was the platform for intelligent debate in between posts of Someecards and how good last night's True Blood episode was? You're even dumber than you look (and I had to ask your parents if you were a sped when I first met you!). God, remember when Facebook was all about posting compromising photos of your friends when they got drunk on weekends? Well it's gone downhill ever since. Like riding a shit covered slippy-slide.

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  • Scribbles With Words

    I think that's pretty cool actually, but their fetus imaging needs to be refined.

  • ahill

    They'll make great ice cubes!

  • And you just know they'll have to show everybody their creepy looking foetus model - whether they want to see it or not. (But if I try to show them my foetus' in jars they act if I'm some kind of weirdo.)

  • agatha

    Still think it looks weird.. But i would make that alien baby :p (that bursts out of chest) haha

  • $18922249

    It's all fun and games until it prints out a face hugger.

  • Ed

    Shaw: "I WANT TO SEE IT"
    David: "O, I wouldn't recommend that . . ."
    Shaw: "Why not!"
    David: "It's not exactly a traditional fetus."
    Shaw: "GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!"

  • Drew Rochon

    My baby had better not have a fetus yet!

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