Eye Candy: The Definitive Time-Lapse Of Earth From The International Space Station (Until There's A Better One)

July 24, 2012


The folks over at Gizmodo are hailing this video from the International Space Station as, "the most spectacular night view of earth ever captured by NASA", and apparently they get off on these things the way normal people like you and I would a "chicks in latex" fetish film. So they should know. But enough talking intimate pleasures during business hours, this is a night view of earth shot from the ISS. It really is some serious eye candy. Like, even more so than the buddy of mine who can stick a candy corn up his nose and squeeze it out his tear duct. He's so gross. It's a great video to watch if you've been going through a rough spell and need something to put it all in perspective. In this case that perspective being, "Man, we're all so insignificant -- none of the things I've been stressing about even f***ing matter. GET DRUNK, PARTY HARD!"

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video (plus bonus decent soundtrack!).

Thanks to HDispora, who wants to be an astronaut but gets claustrophobic even outside. Yeaaaaah, I'm not sure if space travel is right for you.

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