Infographic: Every Minute On The Internet (Somebody Accidentally Sees A Peen That They Didn't Mean To)

July 31, 2012


Note: I was going to include a larger version so you could read that little paragraph at the top but 1. let's not kid ourselves, you hate reading and 2. I actually did spend the time to read it and it sucked.

This is an infographic depicting the massive amount of information that's exchanged over the intertubes every minute. It's not the first one of these I've written about because there's an older one HERE and an even older one than that HERE. I just like posting them for comparison because the majority of their estimates are so staggeringly different. Is it actually 30 or 48 hours of Youtube footage that's uploaded every minute? SPOILER: Who cares, it's all pure crap anyways -- along with 99.8% of everything else posted on the internet. Fun fact: if you removed all the garbage and zero-value-added posts on the internet the entire web would fit on a DVD (sans p0rn).

Thanks to GoingForBronze, who could apparently use a boost in confidence. At least shoot for silver, homey!

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