Drinking Homeless Style: Bum Bag Drink Coozies

July 12, 2012


These are Bum Bag Drink Coolers, koozies that look like brown paper bags but are actually made from waterproof and tear-free Tyvek. You'll be the belle of the ball under the bridge! Man, I've brown-bagged it before. I'm not proud. Or ashamed. It's just one of those things a person has to experience, you know? Like getting hit by a car or chased by a deer in heat.

Thanks to Martin, who drinks IN STYLE. Jk jk, he drinks out of an Aquafina bottle filled with vodka, but still. Hey -- let me hit that.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Yeah but the only way you'll get true homeless recognition is with the condensation soaking through the bag, thats how they know ur poor, and desperate, becuase most people wait to get home to start indulging, I just scrunch the bag down and pop the top the second my foot hits the pavement XD

  • You can buy a pack of actual paper bags for just a few dollars!

  • But they wouldn't keep your drink cool.

  • Jadis


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