Dammit Spidey, Did You Just Shoot A Doily At Me?: Spider-Man Gets The Steampunk/Rockabilly Treatment

July 10, 2012


Remember artist Denis Medri's series of steampunk/rockabilly Batman characters? Well he's back, this time with Spider-Man ones. Well, really only Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Vulture, Rhino, Kraven and Doctor Octopus. They look good. Also, like they could all be defeated with a laser-pointer. Cool goggles, bro -- EAT RED DOT!

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Thanks to PYY, who agrees Denis could have at least drawn a Lois Lane in there. "That's Superman, not Spider-Man." I am so red in the face right now.

  • Clinton Miller

    I still dont get this steam punk craze.

  • Peter Parker needs a camera

  • ChelseaAnne123

    To me, the Green Goblin looks like the steampunk version of Count von Count from Sesame Street...

  • Guest

    So far, I like the idea behind the Dr. Octo design.

  • I'm not sold on Spidey; I think the concept needs further exploration. But the other ones translated really well into the Steampunk style.

    PS: I think I know what the problem is: He should have used a tight leather cap with goggles, but i guess he didn't want to repeat the same gimmick he used on his Rockabilly's Batman.

  • Nathan Klassen

    Peter/spidey looks like my cousin's husband would, if he ever bleached his hair.

  • AlaskanShadow62
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