Dammit Japan, What The Hell?: Bar With Giant Dancing Humanoid Mechas Controlled By Bikini-Clad Girls

July 26, 2012


These are shots from the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. The club offers 'cabaret' dances from giant fembot mechas controlled by bikini-clad girls sitting in the front. And if the thought of that gives you a boner it's your obligation as a human being to grab that boner AND SNAP IT OFF LIKE A DRY TREE BRANCH. God you robot-lovers make me sick.

The new restaurant advertised that it cost 10 billion yen - £83 million [~$130 million] - to open

The robots operated by real women dressed in military and other outfits will perform 'cabaret' dances for its customers.

The robots are themed after the character Valkyrie in the game Soul Calibur.

A flat fee of 3000 Yen - £25 - allows entry to the robot show and a drink.

First of all, unless the real-estate itself cost $120-million, there's no way that place cost $130-million to open. Those mechas look slightly larger versions of these $20,000 ones, and I don't think they have thousands of them. So where did the rest of that money go? Mirrored walls? Fancy chairs? Or *kicks down secret door* a lifelike robotic sex doll brothel! All you perverts, OUT OF HERE before I start punching dicks.

Thanks to Zak and batmanbatmanbatman, who agree it's only a matter of time until we hear about the first mecha-dancer related stomping death.

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