Clever Shirt Turns Plumber's Buttcrack Into Lady Cleavage

July 9, 2012


This is a series of ads created by photographer Markus Mueller for some German something. I dunno, I tried going to the website printed on the shirt but it wouldn't load. So let's just assume the campaign was a failure and they've already had to shutdown the site. Which is a shame because, personally, I think the campaign is genius. Also, that they should sell these shirts in prisons.

Hit the jump for two more in case you can't get enough of that crack (and who can?!).



Thanks to Weird Boner, whose name says it all.

  • christine

    Email if you want some!

  • christine

    I am designing some of these!

  • kurse667

    So what if the plumbers are different ethnicity do they have women in their color? Lmao!!!

  • plumbercoomera

    this is hilarious! would want to call on my express plumbing company and suggest this.

  • Warloghe

    I feel dirty now :(

  • Jadis


  • ZomBBombeR

    Wow the people posting are worse than the initial story but all I was gonna say is that I think it's funny as hell lol and a decent advertising campaign to raise interest in the trades.

  • That is definitely enough buttcracks for one day! What a great morning.

  • Julia Schwendner

    It's advertising for the German skilled tradesman, and the shirt says "More attractive than you think".

  • AKA the weirdest boner ever

  • Seems to be adverts for a German apprenticeship scheme.
    And it leaves me all befudelled. Boobs, butts...ahh!

  • Bazookatooth

    FACTUALLY INACCURATE, all the plumbers cracks I've seen are hairy as fuck (but so are all the tits)

  • Azariel_z

    Thanks , I was just going to write the same thing !! No hair? fake crack!

  • Bazookatooth

    Maybe the t-shirts come with fake arse hats?

  • those would be good in prison

  • jeffreyjakubowski

    Would it be weird to tit fuck that?

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