Buckyball Magnet Toys Official Banned By Goverment

July 26, 2012


Buckyballs, the popular magnetic desktop toy, have officially been banned by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Because for some reason parents can't keep the things out of their children's hands, and those children can't keep the things out of their grubby little pie-holes. Come on -- you probably don't even know how magnets work and you're giving them to your kid to play with! God, be a responsible parent for once.

The CSPC said that Buckyballs are a "substantial product hazard" and are concerned by the injuries it causes to kids who swallow them:

"Notwithstanding the labeling, warnings and efforts taken by (Maxfield and Oberton), ingestion incidents continued to rise because warnings are ineffective"

When swallowed, the CSPC says that Buckyballs have the potential to pinch and trap intestines and require surgery to remove.

I mean, it sucks when something like this happens. They're a perfectly acceptable adult toy, you just can't let kids play with them. Take a dildo for example. Fine for adults, not so much for kids (unless you tell them it's a magic dagger!). Simple as that. "But didn't you eat some Buckyballs?" Yeah but I was pretending to be Magneto, that's different.

Thanks to jedi-GK, LeftRightLeft, Dustin, nazilla and Tofu Butcher, who don't believe in warning labels, only survival of the fittest.

  • hidek

    Are you being serious? Obviously buckyballs are marketed to kids and guns are marketed to possible-psychos who are adults.

    Granted guns, knives and acid are much more dangerous, but at the
    same time you won't expect to find them at Walmart and Toy 'R Us!

  • Scott Rensel

    I will cry if they banned thes

  • Guest

    The product shouldn't be for blame, it is the parents who should be blamed for purchasing strong items for their curious kids.. Pretty much anything in the household is hazardous.

    Do you blame the parent or the item if the 8-year old kid was given a BB-gun as a gift?

    In short, I do agree with @hatandspecs:disqus statement.

  • I want to thank goverment for banned buckyball magnet toys. According to my information toys are more than fun and enjoyment for kids. This kind of toys are unsafe for them. So this is great news for kids safety.

  • Another example of stupid Parents and groups who get their way just because they aren't good at looking after their children.

    Seriously, what's next?

    You gonna ban Lego because you were too stupid enough to keep an eye on your child?

    Might at well ban a whole list of things because of your stupidity.

  • it's a Desk toy, are we going to ban staples next?what were kids doing with that!?

  • Remember the good ol' days where all us kids only swallowed gum and boogers?

  • Eh, it's more like +18 pron comic books. Many comic stores got taken down by local courts back in the 70s-80s ...since everyone knows that comics are for little kids only. You can't sell Fantagraphics' Eros line of comics in Toys-R-Us either.

    "Everyone knows" that toys are for kids. If you want to sell adult toys in IRL toy stores, you probably need a separate room in the store. Otherwise everyone will think that they're "toys," rather than "Adult Puzzle and Mechanical Intestine Perforater." Or perhaps sell them in a large sealed brown bag with a label ADULT TOY, AGE +18 ONLY. That way parents get the subtle message that "Just Try Getting Caught Giving This To Your Kids. SWAT Will Bust Down Your Door."

  • The Doctor

    I'd rather have Buckyballs in the world than stupid children who swallow magnets. I miss natural selection.

  • Jandkas

    Please, get off your high horse and think if you were in their shoes. You are still learning about the world and still learning. The parents are to be blamed for.

  • HatandSpecs

    Why not email the head of the CPSC?


    Recommended Response:

    "The attempted ban of buckyball desk toys is absurd. Like many items
    marketed to adults, these can be dangerous to children. It is an
    adult's responsibility to keep them from children, just like countless
    other objects around the house or office.

    Conversely, there are many toy items for children which are hazardous
    to adults. Adults tripping on blocks or slipping on marbles, and every
    medical operation facility has a record of all kinds of cylindrically
    shaped toy items which needed to be surgically removed from the bodies
    of adults.

    The point is that many items are dangerous when
    misused. This is why warnings exist. Just because dumb people ignore
    the warnings doesn't give you the right to wield your authority against a
    product, and even if you technically have the power to, it is an unwise
    path to go on, and an awful precedent to start."

  • This is insane. They are banning magnets.

    Guess what, kids swallow all kinds of things. Will they ban watch batteries? If a kid swallows one of those things, the acid will pretty much destroy their insides. Coins can be easily swallowed, will the National Mint start making larger coins so they can't be swallowed?

  • Ed

    There is no way the generation of idiots being raised now will be able to keep this country afloat and take care of us when we're old when they can't even stop eating magnets.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    It's the lawn darts fiasco all over again.

  • According to the Bucky Ball web site, this is not true. https://www.getbuckyballs.c...

  • It's good to see they're finally ridding the nation of evil, one thing at a time. Fortunately they're banning large soft drinks here in New York; you could poke someone's eye out with those things.

  • ElSpanielo

    Just change the name to YuckyBalls, problem solved.

  • Adamant

    Well they gave us at least 1 of a 1000 ways to die

  • Alexander0178

    Land of the Free...

  • Lee

    Now it will be listed as a special item you have to purchase online or come to Canada to buy. :)

    Unless banned also means illegal to own like those Kinder Surprise bandits.

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