Buckyball Magnet Toys Official Banned By Goverment

July 26, 2012


Buckyballs, the popular magnetic desktop toy, have officially been banned by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Because for some reason parents can't keep the things out of their children's hands, and those children can't keep the things out of their grubby little pie-holes. Come on -- you probably don't even know how magnets work and you're giving them to your kid to play with! God, be a responsible parent for once.

The CSPC said that Buckyballs are a "substantial product hazard" and are concerned by the injuries it causes to kids who swallow them:

"Notwithstanding the labeling, warnings and efforts taken by (Maxfield and Oberton), ingestion incidents continued to rise because warnings are ineffective"

When swallowed, the CSPC says that Buckyballs have the potential to pinch and trap intestines and require surgery to remove.

I mean, it sucks when something like this happens. They're a perfectly acceptable adult toy, you just can't let kids play with them. Take a dildo for example. Fine for adults, not so much for kids (unless you tell them it's a magic dagger!). Simple as that. "But didn't you eat some Buckyballs?" Yeah but I was pretending to be Magneto, that's different.

Thanks to jedi-GK, LeftRightLeft, Dustin, nazilla and Tofu Butcher, who don't believe in warning labels, only survival of the fittest.

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