Book With Fading Ink Has To Be Read Before It Disappears

July 25, 2012


This is a first edition copy of 'El Libro Que No Puede Esperar' (The Book That Can't Wait). It comes in an air-proof bag because, as soon as you open it, the book begins to react with light and oxygen until, two to four months later, all the words have faded from the pages. Afterwards you can use it as a sketchbook. Or fire-starter!

'we think that this is a magical and poetic way of confronting a real problem,' explains javier campopiano, regional general creative director of draftFCB. 'we wanted to make a book that was a message in itself, that encourages us to read those authors, before their stories disappear for real, right before our eyes.'

I mean, sure, provided the book isn't worth reading twice, amirite? "Exactly -- which is why you should probably consider making Geekologie articles fade." Hoho -- going straight for this heart this morning, are we?

Hit the jump for a shot of the fading in progress and a video about the book.



Thanks to Danica, who had a book that disappeared but then found it under her roommate's bed so she did that trick where you put someone's hand in warm water to make them piss themselves to teach them a lesson. Yeah!

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