'Biologically Accurate' Human Legs Walk Like A Person's

July 10, 2012


Because scientists don't know when to stop despite some VERY heavily worded emails sent by yours truly, a group of researchers at the University of Arizona have developed a pair of "biologically accurate" humanoid legs that mimic the function and movement of real human legs, just way louder and with much less finesse. Think a robotic ballerina that falls into the orchestra pit and explodes.

The machine comprises simplified versions of the human neural, musculoskeletal and sensory feedback systems. The goal of recreating the human walking gait with this unprecedented level of accuracy is for the scientists to better understand the processes that take place when we walk, and to provide a more definite answer to the question of how humans learn to walk in the first place. Then, it is hoped, this understanding can be translated into devising better ways to help spinal-cord-injury patients recover their ability to walk.

A noble goal, I'll admit. Still, I say we hook up some electrodes to human cadaver legs and learn everything we can that way. Just saying, I AM an organ donor. Please, just don't mess with my dong. Alternatively, we have these scientists throw themselves at anti-gravity technology and give everybody with spinal-cord injuries a hoverchair. "Oh sure, and that's be covered under ObamaCare?" HEY -- DON'T YOU TRY TO TURN THIS POLITICAL. I'm just here to talk about my hang-down, man.

Hit the jump for a very brief video of the legs walking the walk.

Thanks to Jeff and highbiscus, who informed me when scientists start developing biologically accurate robot dongs they're getting the f*** off the planet. Man, I'm afraid to even Google that because they probably already have.

  • Azariel_z

    More like a PIMP WALK! Go Richter Belmont!!!

  • Rurouni Zanza


  • LeechcraftMegilp
  • JimmyThr

    If they're trying to imitate a guy that thinks hes got swag coming out of his ass then yes, they succeded

  • ZomBBombeR

    lmao, I agree entierly, thats not how most humans walk however if you look at the way the hip moves and everything what it does look like is a slow motion run

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