Another Day, Another Toy Knockoff: Marvel Hero Batman

July 2, 2012


Somebody at the bootleg toy factory really isn't doing their research. Spotted by Geekologie reader (and knockoff toy scavenger) LUCAS in Argentina, Marvel Hero Batman is ready to fight crime with the rest of his crew, presumably including Captain Planet and the Powderpuff Girls. No word if you can smell the lead paint through the packaging.

Hit the jump for a bonus Thor/Mario Kart mashup toy complete with backwards stickers.


Thanks to LUCAS, who considered buying them all with the hope they'd be worth something someday. Don't do it bro -- trust me. *eyes own Happy Meal toy collection in corner, gets depressed*

  • The first picture of Marvel Hero Batman is looking so nice, I really liked it. I liked them at first glance and also interested to buy them.

  • Nishido San

    I'm from Argentina, and we do not have that kind of toy industry, the most of such products are imported from China, if you look at the package, is written in English and not even our language alternative

  • Guest

    lol Batman is chewing on his cape.

  • Oh dang the Mario Kart style Thor... I would gladly pay the 70 Argentinian moneyz for it! DO WANT

  • Kenlin Bros


  • I thought WTF also, but then I noticed it was $70 Argentine Pesos. I just did the conversion and that's about $15.50 USD.

  • Livingtool

    You might have missed the Ben-10 back image from the thor-mario kart mashup.

  • Audwin Short

    I blame this one Disney! Those idiots are so used to having movies titles made into Toys that they forgot that Batman wasn't theirs. Walt Disney, where are you?!...
    Shortwave Industries: Formerly affiliated with Disney... because they're evil.

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