AHAHAHAHA!: X-Box HDMI Cable With Virus Protection

July 25, 2012


Because you teeny boppers out there don't have your own money and your parents have to go to the store to buy your X-Box cables for you, a cable manufacturer is advertising their latest HDMI cable as a '"100% Mylar" double shield 1.3 grade cable with anti-virus protection to reduce virus noise and to obtain the perfect image transmission' to trick your mom into buying it. Me? I just called my lawyer to file a false-advertising suit. No, no I didn't. But I did just call my favorite sub place and order a tuna melt for lunch. Baby steps.

Thanks to Taylor, who once sued a next-door neighbor for advertising a yard sale but being unwilling to sell him an extra 4-feet of side yard. I say burn his house to the ground!

  • AaaronG

    I presume they meant signal noise from streaming movies.

  • Just wrap them with a condom. Problem solved.

  • John Kohler

    I'm not sure whether the cable is gluten-free. I'll buy a different one instead.

  • Anodos

    The sad thing is, it doesnt even mean COMPUTER virus noises. I dont know which makes more sense....

  • Sylvain Gagn√©

    Virus noise protection?!?! lol! hahaha! The man who made advice on the box he's certainly on the acid trip!

  • Ed

    It's 100% legit. The Mylar coating keeps the Ebola and bird flu from getting in the cable.

  • Gob

    Finally! Those damn viruses just won't shut up.

  • Finally a product I can use. I've been waiting this for years as I was born with a hearing deficiency where I can hear virus noises. YOU PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW GOOD YOU HAVE IT!!!!!!!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    no worse than monster cable and their lies

  • peril

    It's probably worth noting that the HDMI standard does support blacklisted end points and the driver software can be, at least on windows (not sure about Mac/Linux), injected with malicious or altruistic code. It's not inconcevable that HDMI cables will eventually be more than just cables, perhaps featuring some kind of signal buffer / packet inspector.

    But yeah, I'm calling BS on this too...

  • I'm going to make one that does all that plus protects you from assassins and monsters.

  • GirlFromSpace

    WTF..virus noise? pshhh

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