A Wild Creeper Appears!: Hiker Spots Man Dressed As Goat Traveling With Wild Herd Miles From Anything

July 23, 2012

Hiker and amateur photographer Coty Creighton was exploring some trails in the northern Utah mountains when he allegedly spotted a man dressed in a crude goat costume and following a wild herd of the beasts. That...gives me the heebie jeebies. Like when my roommate tried to get in the shower with me. "I was wearing swim trunks!" THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT, DEREK.

He noticed one goat trailing behind the rest. Thinking it was injured, he grabbed his binoculars to get a closer look and was shocked to see a man dressed in a crudely made goat suit, Creighton told The Associated Press.

"He was clumsy, working his way down the cliff trying to catch up with the rest of the herd," he told Salt Lake City TV station KSTU.

The homemade costume included fake horns and a cloth mask with cut-out eye holes which the man periodically pulled up to get a better view of the rocky terrain, he told The Associated Press.

At one point, the man spotted Creighton and froze in his tracks.

"He kind of slouched down, like was getting nervous or was feeling really self-conscious," Creighton said. "He actually got off his hands and knees and sat on the hill for several minutes until he thought I was gone."

Authorities say the man isn't doing anything illegal, but are concerned for his safety when goat hunting season opens later this year. "But it was humping another goat," I imagine a confused hunter trying to explain to the police.

Hit the jump for a zoomier shot as well as one when the dude was trying to get a look at the photographer.



Thanks to Tony G and Tom D (who I think are the same person?) and Lord Tarl, who agree when a furry takes to the wild, they've officially gone too far.

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