$24,000 Zombie Apocalypse Kit Even Comes With A Mini-Laboratory To Find A Cure (But Zero Guns)

July 9, 2012


This is the $24,000 Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet. It has everything you need to survive a zombie apocalypse (including t-virus antidote lab!) minus food and guns. It does come with laser sights and a ton of other rifle accessories though, you just have to provide the firearms yourself. Which shouldn't be a problem if you know what I mean. *wink wink* I mean I'll sell you a gun for cheap. It's Airsoft, but it looks real. A full list of all the crapola:

Weapon Accessories

GG&G Extreme Heavy Duty Swivel Bipod GGG-1245
Eotech Gear Scopecoat Cover for EoTech Zombie Stopper Red Dot Sight
OPMOD PVS-14 Monocular Gen 3 PINNACLE Night Vision Scope 64 lp/mm GNVPVS14-OPMOD
Thermal Eye X50 100x800px Waterproof Thermal Imaging Camera, NTSC - 1000380-0001
Surefire 6V LED Shotgun Forend Weaponlight for Benelli M1-M2 617LM
Leupold VX-R ZOMBIE 1.25-4x20mm 30mm Riflescope ZombieDot Green SPR
Plano Moulding Zombie Ammo Can
Champion Zombie Target 6-Pack, Attack
Streamlight TLR-1 HP Long Range Rail Mounted Flashlight, Standard Switch w/ Rail Locating Keys for Glock Style,1913 Picatinny, S&W 99/TSW & Beretta 90two & Lithium Batteries, Box 69217
Safariland 6305 ALS Tactical Holster w/ Quick Release Leg Harness - STX TAC Black, Right Hand, Hood Guard Sentry Protection 6305-7742-131-SH
New, Steiner 10x50 Military Binoculars Laser Rangefinder
Leupold Mark 4 20-60x80mm, Black Spotting Scope, TMR Reticle 110826
Laser Devices DBAL-I2 Dual Beam Laser, Visible Green Laser
Mako Group Fab Defense Handguard w/Rails For Remington Model 870 PR870
Trijicon ACOG 6x48 Dual Ill Riflescope w/Mount, Green Chevron .308 Reticle
Vero Vellini Premium Padded Leather Rifle Sling, Brown V17228
Crimson Trace Full size Glock Laser Zombie Edition
Eotech Zombie Stopper Red Dot Holographic Sight


Browning Zombie Apocalypse Knife 322870
SOG Tigershark Elite Tactical Knife, Black TiNi Blade TE02-N

Cases and Backpacks

Eberlestock G4 Operator Pack, Multicam G4MM
OPMOD Professional Range Bag, Pull Out & Brass - Black OPMOD-CVERB2930B
OPMOD Floating MSR Extreme Gun Case - 43in OPMOD-FMSREX43
Camelbak BFM Hydration Pack - 100 oz/3.0L MultiCam 61763

Reloading and Gunsmithing Equipment

Otis Technology Zombie Gun Cleaning System FG-753-Z
RCBS Pro-Melt Furnace, 240 V-ac Europe - 81200
RCBS Pro 2000 Progressive Press - 88875
Lyman 1200 DPS 3 Digital Powder System, 115 Volts 7752400


Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest with Drawers
Brunton Solaris USB Foldable Solar Panel, 3100 mA Output F-SOLARIS62
Leatherman MUT Black Multi Tool w/ Black Molle Sheath 850122
Night Armor Tactical Pen w/FREE 1AA CREE Flashlight NA800CBO
OPMOD Battle Mug - WITH carry handle BM002
Brunton International Pocket Transit Pro Compass, 0-360 degrees 5006LM
5.11 Tactical Field Ops Waterproof Uni-Directional Bezel Watch, Black 59245-019
Streamlight E-Spot FireBox LED Lantern, Light Only w/ No Charger, Orange 45882

Protective Gear

Tactical Assault Gear Rampage Releasable Armor Carrier, Small/Medium, Ranger Green 812451
Tactical Assault Gear Intrepid Chest Rig w/Grenade & Mag Pouches - Multicam 812496
Oakley Commit SQ Sunglasses, Brown Sugar Frame, VR28 Black Irid Lens 03-786
Stanley Large First Aid Kit RST-60001
Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. HD with Kevlar, Color - Black, Size - Medium, 8151MDBK
ESS Profile TurboFan Military/Tactical Goggles - Black Frame, Clear & Smoke Gray Lenses
Specter Gear M-2 Mk-3 Rapid Reload Chest Carrier for AK-47 Magazines - MultiCam 595 MULT

Laboratory Equipment

Qorpak Bottle Beakers, Medium Rounds, Wide Mouth, Qorpak 7550 With Pulp/Vinyl-Lined Black Phenolic Cap
Labnet Labpette R Repeating Pipette P3000
Samco Disposable Transfer Pipets, Fine Tip, Samco Scientific 234 Fine Tip, Large Bulb, Case
UNICO Shake-It Pipette Shaker, for 6 pipettes, 15 min. timer, 110 V L-P600T
Celestron Professional Compound Microscope, 1500x, Halogen Lamp - 44108

Well, what do you think? "Pfft -- leave finding a cure to the nerds, all I need is an assault rifle, two shotguns and a 10-year supply of beef jerky." Yeah, about that -- throw in some Hi-C pouches and you've got yourself a travel-mate!

Thanks to Brian P, who asked me to buy him one if I ended up posting this. Brian, I don't know who the hell you thought you were writing but SPOILER: a guy whose water just got cut off.

  • Cheybuff

    Well if I were a betting man, I'd say that the apocalypse will go something like this: you against 5 armed Hummer's mounted with 50 cal's not even politely taking what ever you got.

  • BreadStorm

    are you joking what do you use up close those two knives wont do shit when you have a horde of zombies around you and youve ran out of ammo, what you need is a blunt item like a baseball bat or a crowbar...dude come on use your brain :P

  • lol

  • VayaconMuerte

    Used RV - $4,000
    1/2-acre of land fenced with 6-ft tall chain link - $3,000
    500-gallon Water tank (filled) - $1,000
    1-year of dried foods - $2,500
    Decent rifle with 2,000 rounds for it - $1,000
    Decent pistol with 5,000 rounds for it - $1,500
    .22 rifle with 10,000 rounds for it - $600
    Transistor radio - $9.95
    TOTAL $13,609.95

    The idea that you have a remote safe spot that is a 'zombie-resistant-fort', which can also go mobile if you need it to, while still maintaining all the necessities of life.......


  • VayaconMuerte

    I can build a better survival kit for far less. Wait, I DID build a better kit for far less. Remember...NEVER buy now, what you can pick up later!

  • ZomBBombeR

    I dont wanna say useless but I cant rightly tell someone this "could" be useful as Audwin said rule #7 Uber important plus unless you alreay have the guns and lots of money and people to "share" it with how are you supposed to cart all this crap around?

  • Guest

    I think it's just easier buying a used tank and modifying it to blow out fire.

  • Marcus Como

    Ok, I enjoy zombie fiction as much as anyone else but that's all it is- this is ridiculous. That an adult would pay $24k for something like this is insanely retarded. Guess I should start putting together that $15,000 vampire survival kit. It's one crate each of garlic and Massengil- because if you buy it, you're a huge douche.

  • Karnie

    Exactly how useful is thermal imaging going to be against the undead?

  • ZomBBombeR

    I was thinking the exact same thing when reading the list of supplies, not to mention if you have no bio-chemic background whatsoever what good is the mini lab to you, especially if the major pharmaceutical companies cant figure it out?

  • meilin622
  • Maybe that's okay for now, but someday you'll be out of food and guns...and then you'll have to make the call.

  • I love you.

  • honestly all this crap isn't needed.
    Sure,water,handgun,ammo,food,average supplies(flashlight,swiss army knives,etc.),my machete,aluminum bat,crowbar,and my trusty knife.but all that ^ *starts waving finger around* is not needed.
    esp for 24,000 *pssssh*

  • Audwin Short

    I know, right? Some stuff is good, but you gotta be able to run and can't trip over anything. You trip, you die...

  • CrazyUncleNicola

    (But Zero Guns) Haven't you read "The Zombie Survival Guide" Guns sre impractacle unles it's a handgun. Ammo would be scarce. Crow bars are much more practical You don't need ammo it doesn't need reloading it doesn't need to be sharpened and is fairly lightweight

  • Have YOU read the zombie survival guide? It actually says the most important weapon decision you will make is your primary rifle and that handguns are NOT something to rely on as more than a secondary or tertiary weapon. handguns lack range, firepower, accuracy and mag capacity compared to most rifles

  • If there was a zombie apocalypse the best thing to do is be pre-emptive and blow your own brains out.

  • Audwin Short

    Are you kinding me? Zombieland Rule #7 is "Travel Light". How is any of this crap light? And why would I pay $24,000 when I can loot it during the Apocalypse?...

  • travel in a small group...have people carry different things.

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