$1M Gold-Plated Vacuum Even Has Its Own Rap Song

July 3, 2012


This is GoVacuum's $1,000,000 24k gold-plated vacuum. It doesn't work better than a regular vacuum, it's just gold. Why? Because if you sell vacuums for a million dollars, you only have to sell one. It's a real product you can buy (although I'll kill you if you do), but was actually designed to market GoVacuum's website. Which would explain paying somebody to write and perform a rap song about the thing. Just kidding, there's no explaining that. It exists though, so hit the jump for that, along with an equally crappy jingle. Then, save your money and go buy a f***ing Dyson like a normal person. Haha -- all publicity is good publicity, my ass! *pees off balcony with 'HOOVER TILL I DIE' painted on chest*

Hit the jump for the songs. They...are something.


Thanks to Yum-Yum, who doesn't like vacuuming because it makes you all hot and bothered but not in a good way that leads to sex. In a bad way that leads to a shower where you're still sweating when you get out. Ugh, those are the WORST.

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