1,000-Slice Cheeseburger: This Is Why You're Clogged

July 13, 2012


So you remember the "reporter" (I suspect he's just a foodie with a video camera) who tried the Burger King 1,050-bacon slice challenge? Well he's back, this time with a 1,000 cheese-slice challenge totaling a death-defying 45,661 calories. Does he win? Are you out of f***ing mind?! No he doesn't win. I doubt he even ate a quarter of it. And can you blame him? How you supposed to eat a burger that big with so little ketchup and onions? That's ridiculous. Regardless, brobro better believe in reincarnation, because there is nothing coming out of that ass in this lifetime.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the processed cheese extravaganza, plus a video they should show in health class or something.







Thanks to khz, who was bragging about the rabbit he had for dinner the other day and I didn't say anything until he was gone then I went to my room and cried yelling, "Nooooooo, not Peter Cottontail! How could he? HOW COULD HE?!"


  • Guest

    Eh, I would prefer to eat something with real cheese and not flavored plastic. Haha

  • No one needs that much cheese food product.

  • That isn't a burger - it's a cry for help.

  • Spencer Rogers-Greason

    Where are these Burger Kings that DO this crazy shit??

  • Gross ... I'll never put cheese in my burgers again !

  • myklspaderr

    People have so little to do... just go watch some fucking porn.

  • Ross Huddleston

    This dude obviously watched Freddy Got Fingered before ordering this...


    Where's the burger.. its just a pile of cheese

  • Ed

    It's creation is a sin.

  • Meanwhile in Africa...

  • artilleryboy

    This is disgusting, why would you eat this

  • Wait... where's the video?

  • chair soysauce

    Slap this sucker on the grill and give me a fork...

  • I am a burger enthusiast but this is not interesting. This does not look fun. This isn't a burger, this is just a pile of shitty cheese. And he didn't even finish!!

    But here we are, me and my homey just watched the video....

  • Tyler Mussman

    Oh man...this makes me physically ill...


  • whats the point? seems like a waste of cheese. Even though its nasty ass, plastic, processed cheese.

  • Gob

    put it in a microwave!

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