You Look Ridiculous: Jeans With Clear Pocket For Phone

June 25, 2012


Now everybody's gonna notice I wear the same jeans everyday.

DELTA415 Wearcom jeans are $160 jeans with a clear pocket on one leg for a smartphone. The window is made out of a polymer film so you can actually use a touchscreen device THROUGH the pocket. Note: You will not look cool doing it.

The DELTA415 jeans feature our Gen-2 Wearcom™ smartphone pocket with a zippered flap for a more discrete look, secure and easy retrieval, and full usability of the smartphone while sitting down.

The patented Wearcom™ pocket is made of durable polymer film to allow for complete interactivity with any touch screen device. A button hole above the genuine leather film edge opens into the front pocket for threading headphones/mic wire into right pant pocket.

Thank goodness for that zippered flap, amirite? Don't want any robbers seeing my iPhone. "You have a Nokia brick-phone." I am on a pay-as-you-go plan. Still, I am gonna get a pair of these. Then cut the back out of the pocket and put my peenor on display. Peekaboo!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots as well as a a hoodie they make WITH A FOLD-DOWN iPAD POCKET IN THE CHEST.







Thanks to Suzanne and miko, who just tape their phones to their pant legs like normal damn people.

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