Where Was Mine Growing Up?: An AT-AT Bunk Bed

June 1, 2012


This is the AT-AT bunk bed Geekologie reader Derek recently made for his four-year old son. As you can see, the kid looks pretty damn happy with it. And why wouldn't he be? I slept in the garage on a pile of hay growing up and if I ever complained, my sister, who was sleeping in the car, would honk the horn until I cried. Still, despite the hardships, I think I turned out pretty good. "You pull over and weep uncontrollable if anyone ever honks at you while you're driving." Sure, so maybe my psychiatrist says I still have a couple things to work on. "He's a complete wreck." Dammit -- I signed a doctor/patient confidentiality form you dick!

Hit the jump for a bunch more photos of the construction process but a surprising lack of quality finished-product shots. Ahem, Derek!











Thanks Derek, and keep up the great parenting.

  • LitlBoyBlue

    I love the semi for size comparison in the first construction pic. :D

  • Karnie

    Does the head rotate around and go "Pew, Pew"?

  • Awesome. Where's the window tho? I can't work it out from the pics.

  • DogBoyDerek

    Thanks! I'm the dad that made it. I had to take it apart into 6 pieces to get it up the stairs (2 levels) and it barely fit!

  • Good for you! Now let us know when you complete that Sarlacc pit in your garden ;)

  • +10 in Parenting skills.

  • That is one lucky kid. I had to sleep in a box until I was 12 - then I out grew it.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    how did you get that thing through the door? even broken down it looks like a tight fit....(that's what she said)

  • Guest

    It they have a cat, they'll have the complete set of the AT-AT bunk bed and cat house.
    Well done with the construction. :D

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