Wheeee!: 8-Wheeled Skateboard Can Cruise Down Stairs

June 22, 2012


This is an entirely too artistic video (just show the stair parts, dammit!) demonstrating Po-Chih Lai's Stair Rover, an 8-wheeled skateboard with pivoting trucks that allow it to be ridden down stairs. Me? I like to ride down stairs the old fashioned way: on a pillow like I did when I was a kid. From the look of things, the board probably won't work on any steep staircases, but let's not kid ourselves: you were gonna take the elevator anyways.

Hit the jump for a video of the not gonna lie, you probably could've ridden down those ultra-wide stairs on a regular skateboard.

Thanks to Lance, who once rode down the stairs on a greased cookie sheet and put his head through a wall. No way -- me too!

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