High Girl Mistakes Electrical Tower For Rope Bridge, Amazingly Doesn't Turn Into Human Fireworks Show

June 27, 2012


Seen here shattering my belief that girls' asses don't sweat, a Czech girl who allegedly smoked "super-strength skunk cannabis" for four-hours straight (although I suspect PCP/bath salts) tries crossing the electrical wires she mistook for a rope bridge. Drugs: they make you see things totally different. Usually cooler.

Police spokesman Jan Macalikova said: "It was a nightmare because she was very much under the influence of drugs and wasn't making much sense.

"She was convinced, though, that the pylon was a bridge across the Morava river."

"She received treatment at hospital for her drugs consumption but was otherwise unhurt. She's lucky she didn't get a new high - high voltage," added the police spokesman.

LOL @ "She's lucky she didn't get a new high - high voltage." That is some QUALITY police spokepersoning right there. "About the shooting last night: we have a number of suspects, but there are still a lot of holes in the case...mostly in the victim. HIYO. High five, chief!"

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, including what was arguably the worst rescue job I've ever seen. "JUST PULL HER LEG TILL SHE LETS GO."




Thanks to PYY, who I got so high with one time we couldn't even watch TV. WE COULDN'T EVEN LOOK AT SOMETHING. It was that bad.

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