What Cars Were Made For: Super Slow-Motion Glass Smashing And Giant Water-Balloon Popping With A BMW

June 25, 2012


This is a commercial made by BMW Canada featuring an M5 crashing through a giant glass apple, popping massive water balloons, then smashing through a porcelain target, all shot in super slow-motion. It was pretty cool to watch. Plus there was no, "professional driver on a closed course, do not attempt" warning, so we can recreate the stunts ourselves then sue when we get hurt.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Mallory, deviant and Rosc, who drive their cars the way nature intended: NOT WHILE F***ING TEXTING.

  • Roman Michael Adams

    If I'm not mistaken, this looks like it was filmed on the Black Rock Desert, the same place where Burning Man takes place.

  • Jessica

    Nope, salt flats in Utah.

  • lorobird

    What a disgrace to use Beethoven's Emperor concerto for a car advert.

  • BMW is my favorite car, but is very costly car. In this car many facility provide and it's most popular car in the world.

  • thatcando

    where were the pedestrain-targets? i rarely see big apples on my roads... ;(

  • BMan56

    Where'd all those thousands of gallons of water go?

  • broodax

    desert + water = ground absorbs the water

  • BMan56

    Not that fast.

    ...they just forgot to add the giant puddle effect to the last shot.

  • Nathan Klassen

    Let me be the first to cry fake. Because it so is.

  • Atom Kahn

    Oh comon, why would you say its fake?

  • Guest

    because the shadows are all wrong and it resembles a scene in a certain movie

  • Nathan Klassen

    Well, take note of the sky during the lifespeed parts. It's blue. Cut to the apple, and the background is grey. Cut away from the apple and we see blue sky once more, and, what's more, no shards of red glass falling off the car. It's the same with all three obstacles. I'd say that the slow-mo parts were done in miniature, and the obstacles were added in with CG during the lifespeed sections. Anyway, where would they get a glass apple of that size?

  • Atom Kahn

    Hahaha...Im kidding..I kid! I know it was all fake, my brother sent me a link to that yesterday and being that ive been a glassmaker for almost 20 years, I knew they didnt have a glass apple that big. A glass apple that size would be so heavy and thick that it would have destroyed the front of the BMW. The other shots as well, have been featured elsewhere...the balloons at least I have seen somewhere.

  • broodax

    ........if you haven't noticed they have things holding those up which account for the grey background watch each opening scene for each object blue sky with grey clouds over the mountains....they dont say the apple is glass the apple could be plastic....and for being a glass maker your giving glass too much tensile strength at 60 mph a car can plow through wood and wood isnt anywere near as brittle as glass...but like i said its likley plastic polymer

  • That whole thing is CGI. Rendered surfaces still aren't as good as film/video. Pause it at 0:30 and tell me that's a real person driving.

  • ruslan fedasyuk

    cg - probably done in max real flow and after effects.

  • n_a_a_s

    the tunnel was the best part

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