Weirdo Turns His Taxidermied Cat Into A Quadrocopter

June 4, 2012


Because what better way to start a Monday than with some weird/depressing news, Dutch artist Bart Jansen had his cat Orville (after the Wright brother) taxidermied and turned into a flying quadrocopter after it was hit by a car. You know, because that's how you show respect for a deceased pet. Also, Bart -- why is there fur on your bumper?

Jansen says Orville received his propellers posthumously 'after a period of mourning' and says he will be getting more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday

Good lookin' Bart, I bet if there's one thing that cat was hoping for, it was more powerful engines and larger props. Just kidding, it was definitely for a driver to look both ways. Also, you had poor little Orville turned into a helicopter "after a period of mourning"? You couldn't even wait a whole day, bro?! That's tacky. "Mourning, not morning." I'm...not hearing the difference.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video of the somebody should lose their taxidermy license for this.





Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, Pogonophile, Amanda, Rebekah, R-Man Witchgrabber, FritoHatesYou and joe 'ninja t-rex', who agree there's probably a cat in heaven right now REALLY wishing he'd a 10th life so he could have run away from home.

  • royaltiger68

    this ts a kind of art ok but he was my brother

  • Jason Hsu

    This article is worse than fox news...

  • Jason Hsu

    is there no neutrality?

  • corporalflashback

    Whoever wrote this article, why did you presented it like this guy is a so called "weirdo" that's like relegating him to ranks to a hobbyist

  • Renaud Gauthier

    Well, it sure is awkward, I personally cant imagine my own cat (which died recently) turned into a rolfcopter. So yea, I'm not sure about this, even though I laughed.
    There IS something I am sure of, though. Anyone who wants to punch this guy I SERIOUSLY sick, and most definately more than him. Common people, have your lost your mind?
    EDIT: Read the article you crazy people. It clearly states the cat was bumped by a car. This guy aint a murderer, and didnt mistreat any animal whatsoever.

  • Natalee Greene

    Thats messed up!!!!!!!!!!

  • cow&chicken

    Sail Cat!

  • Tesla

    Why do people think it's sick? It's either worm-food, a pile of grey ash, or something cool. Orville probably doesn't care about what's happening to his body. It's gone from a quickly decaying chunk of meat to a work of art. Nothing I write will make a difference though. Haters gonna' hate.

  • Animals12

    I think they didn't really care for this cat when it was alive. No one in their right mind would do that to their dead cat. Punch him twice for me, Pim Coremans!

  • givusadurrybud

    don't be stupid the cat is dead it was turned into something cool it would be more cruel to let it rot in the ground

  • Animals12

    That is the mentality of a child. Your opinion doesn't count.

  • it was not funny.

  • suomynonA

    I laughed too hard

  • Chuck Testa


  • thebestnicknar
  • tekneex

    This really pisses me off. My cat looks exactly like that one. I can't believe someone would be sick enough to do that!

  • Ed

    I find this far more tasteful and socially productive than anything Congress or the Kardasians have done lately. I now have similar plans for Chico my chiuaua.

  • when i die... do the same with my body! WEEEEEE!

  • HackTheGibson

    What a better way to remember a cat? Now the cat can fly and chase birds!

  • That's all kinds of creepy.

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