Weirdo Turns His Taxidermied Cat Into A Quadrocopter

June 4, 2012


Because what better way to start a Monday than with some weird/depressing news, Dutch artist Bart Jansen had his cat Orville (after the Wright brother) taxidermied and turned into a flying quadrocopter after it was hit by a car. You know, because that's how you show respect for a deceased pet. Also, Bart -- why is there fur on your bumper?

Jansen says Orville received his propellers posthumously 'after a period of mourning' and says he will be getting more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday

Good lookin' Bart, I bet if there's one thing that cat was hoping for, it was more powerful engines and larger props. Just kidding, it was definitely for a driver to look both ways. Also, you had poor little Orville turned into a helicopter "after a period of mourning"? You couldn't even wait a whole day, bro?! That's tacky. "Mourning, not morning." I'm...not hearing the difference.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video of the somebody should lose their taxidermy license for this.





Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, Pogonophile, Amanda, Rebekah, R-Man Witchgrabber, FritoHatesYou and joe 'ninja t-rex', who agree there's probably a cat in heaven right now REALLY wishing he'd a 10th life so he could have run away from home.

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