Underwater Bar (Like, You Have To Wear A Diving Helmet)

June 14, 2012


This is a commercial for waterproof watches that envisions an underwater bar where everybody wears diving helmets and carries around drinks with super-long straws so they can snake them up to their lips. What fun! Just kidding, what watered-down drinks. Get it? WATERED down? I don't get it either but my dog told me to say it. Dammit Einstein, they didn't like it! Still, if a place like this actually existed I would be willing to visit once. "To pee in the middle of a crowd and watch people scramble away from the yellow cloud?" I've been practicing in the bathtub for years.

Hit the jump for the commercial.

Thanks to Manuel, who agrees there's no purpose drinking underwater unless there are mermaids involved.

  • George Long

    how would they be drinking liquor with a helmet on?

  • i guess this is what the Snorks are really up to

  • They cant even talk to each other lol.

  • Jadis

    farts, puking, death by spear gun in a underwater bar fight... yeah. Not as 'cool' as it looks.

  • Pui Che

    That and you can pretend your drinking in a Bar. In Space(or the moon).

  • oni099

    forget glassing someone hand me the mini spear guns.

  • marionette_masterhk

    Cant hide the fart!

  • hmm, all farts are now visible

  • Colby Wilson

    That'll be cool until someone gets too drunk and throws up in the helmet.

  • And then it's hilarious.

  • I can finally pee on the dance floor and not have everyone look at me like I'm some sort of weirdo.

  • Crucial

    Maybe, but you can be sure no one will get near you, what with that red circle around you.

  • I'm certain the Saudi's will begin construction tomorrow.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I think I've seen a porn like this before

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