Together Forever: Finally, Get A Decent Version Of Your World Of Warcraft Character Printed On A Shirt

June 11, 2012

wow-character-shirts.jpg is now offering officially licensed shirts (previously just posters and mousepads) of your personal World of Warcraft characters. Just provide your character's name and realm to begin the customization process, and the next thing you know, BOOM -- you're spending all the time away from your computer with your character as well. BFF style, homey. Oh man, remember the time we raided that dungeon together? Good times. "You're talking to your shirt, GW." Man, he's the only one who really gets me. He's -- wait for it -- got my back. Get it? That was a shirt joke. "It was a bad one." I'm gonna go choke myself until I pass out.

Thanks to Giancarlo, who wants his Skyrim character printed on a shirt. Hell yeah! I was this fine-lookin' lizard chick with lots of scaly cleavage. The kind of shirt you could wear every day.

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