Those Aren't Hushpuppies!: Deep-Fried Gadgets

June 4, 2012


This is a small series by photographer Henry Hargreaves and food stylist (Jesus -- even foods have stylists now? I still cut my own hair) Caitlin Levin of a bunch of deep-fried gadgets. It's supposed to be a social commentary on how consumers view gadgets as disposable (or possibly as french fries) and how they're often tossed as soon as a new version comes out. Don't get me wrong, I GET the message, I'm just not sure why you went with deep-frying. I would gone with like, an old iPhone in the trash, and a new one sitting on the counter next to it. That's something everyone could understand. Now -- are you thinking what I'm thinking? "You want me to take you to the fair to get a funnel cake?" Shotgun!

Hit the jump for a bunch more, including a suspect-looking iPad and MacBook I'm not convinced would have still been working.







Thanks to Lily, who's had deep-fried jelly-filled donuts before and straight up thought she had died and gone to culinary heaven.

  • Actually, as long as there is not water in the batter mixture, the electronics wouldn't short circuit; oil doesn't conduct electricity. The heat is another thing, but, as commented above me, the oil wasn't hot enough to fully cook the batter, so there is a chance that some of these devices could still be working.

  • Romshark

    I accidentally dropped my original Droid in the fryer at work. It was refilling from filtering, so it wasn't at full temp yet. But it was enough to make the screen backlight go out. So I can say these displays wouldn't work either, especially in a fryer at full temp.
    Fake props, but better than wasting good electronics (which is the message of the article, remember?)

  • Kiyoko Hill

    People saying it's a real Gameboy. I guarantee you it's a $4.00 iPhone gameboy case from Amazon. I have a similar one in black.

  • Artist should have deep fried a nokia phone

  • usemebruiseme

    this shit is utterly stupid. the goddamn plug for the mac book isn't even the the right one. that looks like a universal plug for an eighties brick phone. The only expression coming from this grotesque excuse for garbage is.....garbage. The photographs are amateur, the concept came from the mind of some over-weight drunkard, the batter is embarrassing and to top it all off they didn't even have the temperature high enough on the deep fryer leading to an excess of oil. nubs. GW please do us all a favor and don't post shit like this, there are drunks sober in the world and these people are deep-frying game-boys and mac books, poorly. Make a stand! I hope they didn't waste any beer attempting a beer batter. WHY!!!

  • Terry_Jim

    Figure out how to put them on a stick, and I'll see you at the Iowa State Fair

  • Philip Gasperowich

    Guarantee that if these are actually deep fried, the Gameboy would be the only one still functioning.

  • Sebastien Michael Mansfield

    Why. Just...why.

  • Joseph Fioramonti

    if they were really deep-fried electronics i find it hard to believe that they would still work and have images on the screens.

  • I think I'll stick to fish and chips.

  • Serilda

    ??? I don't see art at all.

  • Art, like time, is relative.

  • Mr. Roboto

    Why are those headphones plugged into the side of that iPod?

  • Guest

    In the weirdest way, they do look rather appetizing.

  • GirlFromSpace

    are you high? lol

  • MorningPanda

    And I thought my Gameboy was tasty before!

  • GirlFromSpace

    Is it just me, or can you also tell some of these are just the colorful faux-gadget box these things came in? LIES!!!

  • BMan56

    Yeah, I think the Gamboy and the headphones are the only real gadgets fried...

    The rest is cardboard.

  • Copedizzle

    How dare you waste a Gameboy like that

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