This. Changes. Everything: A Bed That Makes Itself

June 8, 2012


Okay so it doesn't actually change everything, that was a lie. I didn't get drunk last night. That...was also a lie. I'm the world's greatest lover. Now that -- that's just the God's honest truth and you can ask my girlfriend about last night if you don't believe me. "He passed out on the john doing a crossword puzzle." OH COME ON! This is a video of a robotic self-making bed. Will it try to smother you in your sleep? 100%.

When deployed, the self-tidying bed will release a small mechanical arm from a hidden area on the side and its two rollers will pull the cover or duvet up to the head of the bed. Your pillows aren't ignored either. They are straightened by cords attached to the pillowcases as they are elevated during the bed making process. When the cover is straight, the pillows fall back into place.

Oh man, I'm totally gonna get one. Then call those nutjobs from Ghost Hunters and convince them I've got the poltergeist of a hotel maid living in my bedroom. They'll totally believe it too. "God, they probably will." You think putting pillowcases over their heads when they're distracted then whipping them with fresh towels and yelling, "Housekeeping!" is going too far?

Hit the jump for a short but worthwhile video of the bed in action.

Thanks to Danny, who makes his bed the same was he did when he was a kid: just good enough to still get his allowance.

  • I invented this back in 1st grade for the "invention fair" the teachers held so they could exploit all of the awesome ideas that 1st graders came up with. Except mine wasn't a robot. The bedding was connected with strings you would wind up with some sort of winch. Also, if the fitted sheet came off the mattress you were screwed. That and it was a death trap.

  • How ironic that in order to afford this lazy-proof robot bed, you'd need to get out earlier in the morning for work.

    I'd rather snooze 30 more minutes and leave the bed unmade, thankyouverymuch.

  • This is better than a cure for cancer!

  • HC

    Doesn't seem very helpful. What if you sleep like a monster & your bottom bedding becomes untucked & your pillows are all over the place. IT DOESN'T EVEN FLUFF MAH PILLOW. No good enough for possibility of being killed in my sleep.

  • Mighty Molecule

    this article should have had Gary & Wyatt staring down at their self-making, Lisa-magic beds in relief as the header picture. just sayin'

  • gonna get dangerous when they start developing the strength of robotics necessary to straighten a heavy duvet (instead of the tissue paper cloth shown here). Wouldn't surprise me to see John Connor appear soon!

  • Guest

    This is indeed a grand invention for those lazy people or for those who in a rush to get out the door. :D

  • I find it odd that somebody who seems so damn terrified of robots has 0 problem with a mechanical arm being present while he is asleep. I mean anybody with any sense can see this as wave 1 of the machines taking over by killing those dumb enough to buy this in their sleep.

  • Geekologie

    i said it would smother you in your sleep. and when I said i'd buy one i never said i was gonna sleep in it, just play a really expensive prank

  • haha Touch√©

  • GirlFromSpace

    I'd buy it in my sleep.

  • GirlFromSpace

    I can just see it now...that "small robotic arm from a hidden area" is going to rape me in my sleep...

  • ZanshinKyo

    You have to pay extra for that feature.

  • Shea Hutchison

    And....that's bad?

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