The Miracle Of Oh God, What Was That?: MRI Birth Video

June 26, 2012


Not before lunch.

Remember the MRI picture of a baby being born? Well now there's a video of the process. I know, we can all stop marking the days off our wall calendars, it's finally here. Note: This is NOT the video to watch if you're ten and hoping to catch your first glimpse of a vagina. It's also not the video to watch if you're 30 and trying to confirm whether vaginas go front to back or side to side like a kid on the bus told me. Truthfully, I don't know who should watch this video. Definitely nobody outside of med school. "You watched it on repeat, didn't you?" It's a decision I don't look forward to living with, trust me.

Hit the jump for the miracle of life with modern technology.

Thanks to Corryn, who told me she's had two kids and neither birth was as easy as the video makes it look. What's the big deal -- you just put a sign out and wait for the stork to come, right? Right?!

  • Worst. Related. Videos. Ever.

  • Robin Manford

    I know. Row 2 Column 3 I could have done without.

  • I am never, ever having kids.

  • Right? >.>

  • Yes.

  • painweaver

    Reminds me of a bulldozer driving through my favorite playground..

  • Justice Law

    That's what happened to me. Except, they threw a Publix on top of it.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    wait a minute....are we still speaking with euphemisms?

  • so thats what it looks like when im taking a shit.

  • Do you use your Vagina to poop? O.o

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