The Future Of Entertainment: Quadrocopter Light Show

June 26, 2012


Ever wonder what the robots will watch after they've conquered humanity and just want to relax at the theater on a Friday night? "Human gladiator fights." Jesus, you're probably right. But this is a synchronized quadrocopter light show recently put on by KMel Robotics (of 'quadrocopters play the James Bond theme' fame) at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The quadrocopters are all decked out with LEDs as well as bottom-mounted mirrors so they can blink AND reflect the spotlights shone from below. Not gonna lie, I was really hoping for a mid-air collision. Also, a disclaimer that the video was all CG and robots can't actually do this. We're f***ing dead.

Hit the jump for the robotic entertainment shitshow.

Thanks to WaterMark, who would have shot all those things out of the sky with a bb-gun from the balcony LIKE A TRUE HUMAN PATRIOT. And to TimeStreamer, who can apparently control time and should go back to last night and tell me not to take those last five shots.

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