The Future: Energy Drink With Self-Cooling Can

June 18, 2012


This is West Coast Chill, a poorly named energy drink that comes in a self-cooling can. You just press a button on the bottom, and the can will cool the drink inside 30-degrees in 3-5 minutes. No word what happens if the can was already frozen to begin with, but hopefully a giant explosion. Amazingly, a can only costs $4, which is $3 cheaper than I was expecting. Of course the drink contains no caffeine or sugar, so I' not really sure where all your energy comes from. Ground up tiger penis maybe? "I heard that's an aphrodisiac." Jesus -- who the hell told you that? "You did." AND I SPEAK THE TRUTH. *snorts dried witch's nip for invisibility*

Hit the jump for a terrible commercial and a news demo.

Thanks to neolardo, who chills drinks the old fashioned way: with magic. Teach me a cooling spell?

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