MUST SEE: Ultra-Creative Super Hero Kid Silhouettes

June 22, 2012


This is a series of illustrations by artist Andy Fairhurst of children's silhouettes as they pretend to be their favorite superheroes. They're awesome -- every single one (and there's 19!). Reminds me of when I was a kid on the school playground, swinging around on the tetherball rope pretending to be Spiderman. *sniffle* Nobody would ever play superheroes with me. "You weren't a very popular kid, were you?" You shit your pants in class ONE TIME.

Hit the jump for the very worthwhile gallery.



















Thanks to danimal, who used to put a football helmet on and try to run through walls pretending he was Juggernaut. Same here, except the Kool-Aid Man.

  • Ratryoshka

    This is supercute. All of them are recognizable, eventhough they're just silhouettes but they contain the symbolic elements of the heroes & villains. I'm not sure if these are the heroes & villains themselves as kids, or just random kids ambitiously posing as them.

    I wanted to see the Wonder Woman & Storm pictures in this series too, heard the artist has drawn them as well.

  • Adorable.

  • That's awesome. Completely and utterly.

  • Disappointed that of the three girls depicted, none of them got to be a superhero.

  • Andy Fairhurst

    I have done Wonder Woman and Storm as well in this series.

  • lorobird

    It's such bullshit. Two problems:

    Women are 50% of humanity. Not 20 or 30 or 10 %. We are HALF of ALL HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH. But there are 3 girls here out of 19 kids (Smurfette principle anyone?). Fuck. This.

    There are a shit ton of women superheros, yet here we have an evil sidekick (not even a villain in her own right) and two villains.

    This was a shit one, GW; do not perpetuate crap like this. Learn to cater to your female audience. You know, there are plenty of us out there. If geekdom was actually taking women seriously, many more of us would join the audience and CONSUME like all the men do.

  • You do realize that a majority of the superheros where made in the 1930's where women weren't really looked upon in being a superhero. Also why cant you just enjoy the art? do you think he was being sexist on purpose? like he wanted to anger the women population? No i didn't think so. when someone says superhero the first thing that comes to my mind is thor hulk superman and spiderman. wonderwomen is the last thing on my mind. its just how it is. and its going to be that way for a long time unless "you" are going to do something about it. There is a better way of changing the way people think instead of yelling at them. Who responds to yelling?

  • evandang00

    amazing stuff

  • Jadis


  • M. Rafferty

    Wolverine, Superman, Bane, Batman, Captain America, Catwoman, Doc Oc, The Flash, Ghost Rider, Harley Quinn, (not sure... I am shame... only thing that comes to mind is The Hulk), Ironman, Joker, Loki, Magneto, Poison Ivy, Punisher, Spiderman (Venom?), Thor

  • Ryan Sookram

    all of these are clearly influenced by a videogame called limbo , check it out

  • Andy Fairhurst

    Good game but I wasn't influenced by it. I am old enough to have seen silhouette artwork in many forms of media over the years. But I can see where you are coming from.

  • Anodos

    Maybe. But lets not assume that all silhouttes are now limbo, now.

    After Bioshock, people said ALL 50's music is "clearly influenced by Bioshock" lol

  • Adorable

  • The kid 2 spots above Magneto is Joker, and its Loki right after. The girl below is Poison Ivy.

  • AlexCoxon


  • Pretty damn cool, though there are a few I'm not sure about. Who are the two kids above the Magneto kid trying to be? And the girl below the Magneto kid?

  • the joker, loki, poison ivy

  • Buck stevenson

    Two above are Loki and Heath Ledger Joker. One below is... I have no idea. Poison Ivy?

  • TyDurd

    You can tell by her shirt, "leaflets three, let it be".

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