Still Needs More Gore: Super Modern Mario Bros.

June 11, 2012


This is a 3-D animation called Super Modern Mario Bros. featuring the first level from the original game 'modernized'. It's cute enough to spend a minute watching. Two minutes? I don't know, can't say I would have made it to the end of two minutes without skipping ahead. Of course, I say that about every video that doesn't involve a cat or somebody almost dying doing something stupid. A kid jumping off the roof of his parent's house with a cardboard hang-glider? I'd camp out overnight to see it.

Hit the jump and stick it to the man for sixty seconds.

Thanks to Josh, who agrees if they should be modernizing any classic NES games it should be Zelda.

  • Super Mario Bros. introduced 2D part scrolling to game playing systems when it came out in the mid 80s for the Manufacturers Enjoyment Program.

  • Catilio PlaceresCannabicos

    Game over? 3 lives bitch!

  • Azariel_z

    Tsk...didn't play " ta da da da tata ta dada da daraa.."

  • Kenlin Bros

    Mario didn't take cover behind enough objects, and it wasn't dark and gritty enough.

  • The entire video was bad until that part where Mario slipped and smushed half of his body. The unexpected element combined with that human tendency to laugh at peoples' pain just really hit home there haha

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    That won it for me as well, the rest was just ok.

  • Reminded me of this vid...

  • GirlFromSpace funny.

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