Stay Away!: Creepy As Hell 'Extra Eyes' Face Paintings

June 28, 2012


This is a series of creepy face and hand paintings by Choo-San, who obviously has zero regard for me sleeping at night. Call me sensitive, but-- "You're a sissy." You know what? For the sake of making your life a passive-agressive hell for the next week, I'm just gonna pretend you didn't say that. Now, call me SENSITIVE, but I don't just don't need this kind of imagery before bed. Also: the silhouette of my roommate in the doorway whispering, "Your ass is mine." I've only napped during the day while he's at work since 2011, true story.

Hit the jump for a bunch more freaky-deaky.







Thanks to Becca88, who's perfectly happy with the number of eyes she has now. Come on -- you've never wanted some in the back of your head?!

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