Screw Your Barbeque: Dress Like Spider-Man On The 4th Of July, Score A Free Bacon Cheeseburger At Carl's Jr.

June 28, 2012


Because why BBQ when there's so much fast food to be eaten, Carl's Jr. is running a promotion on the 4th of July that if you show up to one of their restaurants dressed as Spider-Man, you get a free Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger. No word if just wearing a red shirt with 'S-Man' scribbled on the front in Sharpie will count, but you better believe I'll be yelling, "Cockroach -- I just saw a cockroach!" if it doesn't. Also, I assume the promotion is geared to those who already own a Spider-Man costume considering the burger is only a $3.29 value. Note: the promotion carries a strict 'NO MASKS' policy though, which, according to The Huffington Post, is to prevent people from being able to score multiple burgers in a day. Daaaaw, that's cute of you. You sure it doesn't have anything to do with someone BEING ABLE TO ROB THE F***ING PLACE WITH THEIR FACE COVERED? "Wow, GW -- did you just..." Out-journalize The Huffington Post? I think I did.

Hit the jump for a promo vid.

Thanks to Rabbit, who only eats greens anyways and will be making veggie-kabobs on the fourth.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    If Hardee's doesn't do the same thing I'm going to be mighty disappointed and I'll be forced to sate my disappointment by eating a Frisco burger (or 5) and the largest order of curly fries known to man... actually, that sounds pretty tasty!

  • cherryfizzy

    Anyone else psyched that this commercial has Fat Neil from Community?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Why do I believe that on that day there will be more of the fat-bastards there than the blonde hotness in her Spider-Ho costume.

  • Mighty Molecule

    carl's jr? hardees senior? like someone asking for a "soda" in chicago. which begs the question, do all junk media blogs eventually move/get purchased by california?

  • Emmitt Morgans

    It's been a while since I've been in the Chicago area but most of my friends from Chicago and here in Milwaukee call it "soda"... I haven't heard "pop" used in that way for quite a while, tbh.

  • With great power comes the large fries and soda

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