Rock & Roll Will Never Die (But You Will): Have Your Ashes Mixed Into Limited Edition Vinyl Records

June 20, 2012


And Vinyly is a company that will produce a limited edition run of vinyl records (containing your ashes) after you die for your friends and family to remember you by, hopefully forcing that last thing they remembered you by out of their heads (the time you farted real loud at a family reunion and blamed it on the potato salad). A brief rundown of the £3,000 (~$4,700) process:

Basic Package: Up to 30 Discs

Includes Standard R.I.V artwork with your name, d.o.b. & d.o.d. on cover & labels. The audio must be supplied by you. This can be music, a vocal recording or complete silence to let loved ones hear your pops & clicks and should be no more than 24 minutes.

1. Confirm with us your location and the viability of these services in your area
2. Identify a family member or a chosen representative who will accompany you (your ashes) to the pressing of your records
3. Establish audio and cover art content
4. Attend the mastering of your record
5. Receive playable proof sample of your record and cover
6. Die
7. Get cremated
8. Your family member or chosen representative books and attends the sprinkling and pressing of your records
9. Your chosen recipients will be sent details of where to collect their copy of your personal record
10. Live on from beyond the groove

Please note that accepts no responsibility for any copyright violations committed by material you supply.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Death metal?" No, although I was thinking that before. A message from beyond the grave. And to all my friends and family listening to this: please know that I'm in heaven above now, watching over you. And, if anything bad should happen in your life, I want you to that was me. I caused that. I hate you all, and goodnight. *end with unexpected blood-curdling scream*"

Thanks to Kilayi, who wants to be pressed into an album of 80's rock when she dies. Me? I want to be pressed into a peanut butter and banana sandwich and fed to all my enemies without them knowing.

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