Rifle Disassembles, Stores Entirely In Waterproof Stock

June 28, 2012


This is a new model of Henry Repeating Arms .22-caliber AR-7 that can be disassembled and stored in its waterproof buttstock. And speaking of buttstocks *shakin' that ass with a knee-high wedged between buttcheeks* "GW? That's a buttsock." I love puns! You think if I drew ears on my cheeks I could pass for an elephant? The rifle only costs $270, which, from a guy who knows nothing about gun prices except what he's learned from video games, seems pretty decent. Sure a .22 doesn't really have that much stopping power, but let's not kid ourselves, you weren't gonna hit whatever you were aiming for anyways. Your best bet is hoping the BANG scared it off.

Thanks to mandrake, who prefers a good ol' fashioned battle-axe to ranged weapons because...actually, I don't know why. Maybe he was a dwarf-warrior in a previous life.

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