Reader Gets Proposed To With Lil Homemade Robot

June 5, 2012


This is a video of the homemade Gir (from Invader Zim) robot Geekologie reader Dorothy's boyfriend (now fiance) made to propose to her. This isn't the actual proposal though, just Gir showing off his animations. Also, who knew Cinnamon Toast Crunch was called Croque Cannelle in French? NOT THIS GUY. I would seriously kill for some Cookie Crisp right now.

He built me my very own animated, and fully articulated Gir proposal robot. Made from raw sheet metal and pure genius! How he did so much of this at home without me noticing, well, hes always playing with some sort of gizmo. When Gir says "i made it myself!" his chest hatch popped open and that's where the ring was hidden.

Admittedly, it's pretty damn cute. And that's saying a lot because I hate robots so hard one time I popped a vein in my forehead just thinking about them. It was a squirter. I let it spray on the apartment wall and now it looks like somebody died in here. Which, SPOILER: somebody did. It was the old man who lived in the apartment before me! It smelled when I moved in, but now it's okay.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks Dorothy, just let me know when and where the wedding is and I'll be there (or at least to the reception if there's an open bar).

  • Alyce

    Its adorable! Its great when they put in the effort to ask. My fiance did something similar got Richard Horvitz (the voice for Zim) to ask me to marry him and then made a video with Zim asking me. If you wanted to check it out its on youtube:

  • BIG mistake, Dude!!

    What the heck do you think she's going to expect for her wedding present? her birthday?

    Why do you think they make PAPER the anniversary gift of the first year?

    Keep. Expectations. Looooow.

    **all of the above is totally tongue in cheek. The robot is awesome and it's adorable that he made this for her. Congrats you two!**

  • cute x infinity!

  • Chad Puffinberger


  • Matty Spinny

    oh my god its gur

  • RareAwesomeman

    thank god, i was worried I was the only one that saw it.

  • Have link for build site now


  • Girgear

    I approve!

  • This is the cutest, most inventive proposal I've ever seen. SO SO cute.

  • DO WANT! ... wrapped in bacon soap.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Lets make biscuits! LETS MAKE BISCUITS!

  • Divorce her laugh before it's too late!!

  • John Goodson

    So metal.

  • Guest

    Aww that is super sweet, the little guy is made really well too. :D

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